Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Those of you who are avid readers of my blog (all 3 of you) may remember me writing about my hiking adventure at Mt. Suswa back in November. A large group of us came to this mountain to hike and explore, and things turned out a little differently than we had expected. Going into the park, some of us riding on top of the Land Cruisers, we were chased by a group of Masai men who wanted money from us. We had a Masai women with us, and she said we didn't need to pay them, so we continued to drive. After bush wacking and hiking in the heat, we came back to our vehicles and drove back toward the road. We were greeted by a road block created by the men who had been chasing our vehicles. They made a barricade with rocks and wouldn't let us through until we paid them a ridiculous amount of money. Somewhere in the midst of this adventure, my camera was stolen or lost, which is why you have never seen pictures of this trip. My good friend and hiking partner, Astrid, recently gave me a CD of her pictures from this trip. So now, 5 months later, you can look and enjoy.

These are the some of the Masai Plains we drove through to get to the mountain.

Some Masai people with their cows. Normally they get very upset if you take their pictures, so this shot was a rare treat.

Some children we saw along the way.

Some of us rode on top of our friend's Land Cruiser to get to the mountain. It was a bumpy and dusty ride!

We went to Suswa with several other families, but when it came time for hiking, we split up.

I still have scars on my legs from the bush wacking. But it was beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful, this is my friend Astrid.

Scott led the way down into the valley. It was a challenge to say the least.

Descending down the Cliffs of Insanity. Anyone know what movie that's from?

Ah nature.

I had a bag of cookies. Soon it was empty. How could you say no to these faces?

Here's the rock barricade that the men blocked our cars with. Sometimes you just have to laugh at things like that. Most people wait until afterwards, but I decided to do it in the midst of the scary mishap. TIA.

We did eventually get out. Here are some stressed out moms and restless kids.

Monday, March 24, 2008

On Saturday, March 22nd, one of the teachers from my school got married. The wedding was in a town called Thika, about an hour away from where I live in Nairobi. Here are some pictures.

We were thankful to be hreaded in the opposite direction of this traffic.

Beth, the one on the left =), married Kefa. Beth teaches special ed. at our school.

This is Nancy and me. Nancy is the secretary in the office at school, and without her, West Nairobi School would fall apart. The buildings would literally crumble to the ground. She also makes me laugh really hard, so it's good to keep her around.

Joan (on the right) works hard on our school's accreditation process. Her friend, whose name escapes me, is visiting from Ghana. For those of you who are wondering, yes, Joan's hat is from J.Crew. She's the best dresser at our school.

This is one of the boys who lives in my apartment complex. He came over for a visit and sat down to read this book my sister sent me for my birthday. Thanks Denee!

These are my friends Kinyash (sorry if I butchered the spelling), Ian, Anne, Steve, and Momo. Steve and Ian are here doing soccer ministry with Ambassadors in Sport. Ian left to go back to the states on Monday - the first in a long series of good byes. Sniff...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some friends and I hiked Mt. Longonot a few weeks ago.

Here is Kate (one of my students), me, Anna (Kate's sister), Amanda, and Becca (both teachers). (I'm done with the parentheses). (For now).

Kayla, me, and the girls soccer team. We got first place in the league!

In order to better study the concepts of momentum and acceleration, I took my 8th grade science class on a field trip to go bowling. Here are some of us on the bus ride to the bowling alley.

Here are some of the boys in between turns. Chang Hwan, Joe, Hanbeen, Max, Mr. T, and Clay

From left to right we have Heidi, Kate, me, Amanda, and Rachel. We bowled with bumpers, ha!

Luis and Chang Hwan are in front, and from left to right in the back are Austin, Sam, and Hanbeen

JiYeon has amazing form.