Thursday, June 26, 2008

All year the 8th grade class at West Nairobi School has been raising money to go towards a rafting trip in May. This trip not only included rafting, but also kayaking, rock climbing, and other team building games. We went through a company called Savage Wilderness. Savage came and picked us up in their buses on Friday, May 9th, and then they brought us back to Nairobi on that Sunday.

The program started out with Chris, the main instructor, laying down the law, splitting the kids into 2 teams, and starting them off on various team building games. As you will see in the pictures, he split them up by using a marker to draw either a moustache or eyebrows on their faces. This was quite entertaining for all of us teachers to watch, considering I could name several kids whose faces I would have liked to draw on at some point (sorry to all my students who are reading this, but it’s true, and you probably would have liked to do the same to mine!).

The second day was spent kayaking for half a day and then rock climbing for the other half. The location of the camp is on the Tana River, and it was just outside the town of Embu, making it about a 2 ½ hour drive from Nairobi. The landscape was gorgeous, and I enjoyed the mix of rural Kenya with all these outdoor activities. While we were rock climbing, we had a herd of cows and goats pass through the place we were climbing, and then local kids from the farms surrounding would come watch, probably wondering what in the world we were doing.

The last day, we went rafting. For obvious reasons, I don’t have any pictures of us rafting, but we all had a great time, and the 8th grade trip was well worth all the time we spent fund raising. Thank God! Check out the slide show beneath this post.


Jacob said...

how incredibly fun!!

becca said...

that was me, by the way!