Friday, June 27, 2008

The last days of school were full of mixed feelings, as I was busy grading finals and finishing up all my responsibilities at school. When it came to saying good bye to students, especially the 7th grade girls who I have taught for 2 years, I thought my tear ducts were going to run dry. You’ll notice my face is a little red and puffy in some of these pictures!

During finals week, the girls in my Bible class put together skits from various passages in the book of Acts. The 8th graders in my science class had to invent something or improve on an invention that already exists. As you can see from the pictures, the 8th graders worked really hard and made some pretty amazing things!

The other pictures are from the end of the year staff dinner that we had. Kayla, Craig, and I are all leaving the school, so we got these Masai clubs as a going away gift. On the last day of school, there was a closing ceremony where I led worship (one song), and the school prayed for people who were leaving. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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