Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello everyone!
For the past 2 months, my computer has been out of commission, and for the past 3 weeks I have been doing some travelling. This means that I have not been able to put any pictures on my blog, and let's be honest, blogs without pictures are a bit dull. Now you may be thinking, surely this post means that Daylan is about to post a whole slough of pictures about her adventures on the Nile, hiking a rainforest in Kenya, and seeing "The Lion King" in London. But you would be wrong. Today I am leaving for the wedding of my dear friends Kayla and Craig, and thus I will have to put off the posting of pictures for another day. But I will leave you with a list of some highlights over the past few weeks.

1. 8th grade rafting trip was amazing!
2. Kendra came to visit. She helped me close up everything at school, helped me move back to the states, and was the best travel companion ever!
3. I cried a lot on the last day of school. The tear ducts are dry now, I think.
4. The 8th grade promotion ceremony was a lot of fun, and you will love the pictures!
5. Kendra and I went to Uganda, visited some friends, rafted the Nile, and DIDN'T DIE!
6. Kendra and I saw giraffe, elephants, lions, and other critters at Meru National Park. Oh, and the baboons took Kendra's shoe!
7. Kendra and I visited my good friend Jessi Gates in England.
8. "The Lion King" was incredible.
9. Brother Dayn picked Kendra and me up at the airport in Seattle. We went to Portland and saw my sister Denee's pregnant belly!!!!
10. I got to hug all my family members.
11. I drank water straight from the tap.

Pictures will come in the next few weeks, I promise.

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lori lls said...

Welcome back! Thanks for blogging your adventures, Daylan. It was a pleasure to see what you were up to across the globe.

And, nice use of the word slough.